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Learning Foundation

We will inspire and support schools and families across the UK to take action so that every schoolchild in this country can benefit from access to learning technologies when and when they need them.

Founded 2001

  • Mission statement

    Over 1. 5m UK schoolchildren cannot go online at home, leaving them increasingly educationally disadvantaged as more and more educational resources are only available via the Internet. Schools are now required to provide on-line access to a Virtual Learning Environment, yet about 20% of children cannot benefit from a VLE at home, and risk getting left further and further behind in this increasingly digital world.

    The e-Learning Foundation seeks to overcome the digital divide by working with schools, their families, Business and Government to ensure every child has the same opportunity to benefit from learning technologies at home as well as at school.

  • Aims

    Learning Foundation aims to:

    • To get all school age children able to use the internet at home to support their education.
  • Overview

    Established: April 2001

    Registered Charity Number: 1086306

    Full time staff: 7

    Phone number: 01344 636413

    Address: e-Learning Foundation Index House Ascot SL5 7ET

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