Charity information


QUIT is the national charity helping smokers to stop. The charity was established in 1926 and since then has helped over 2 million people to quit smoking. We have a track record of providing information, advice, counselling and support to people who are addicted to nicotine and who want to give up smoking. Our youth programme (Quit Because) educates young people about the dangers of smoking, We equip young people to make an informed choice about smoking, giving presentations and running groups in deprived boroughs across England.

Our Health Inequalities programme provides a specialist service set up to address tobacco use in the South Asian communities in the UK as smoking and tobacco have a high prevalence in some South Asian groups and this has a high disproportionate impact upon their health. We motivate and support smokers and tobacco chewers who want to break free from their addiction. Our services are delivered in 5 South Asian languages and in English to various communities in a culturally sensitive manner and have handled over 200,000 calls from South Asian tobacco users.