Citizen Advocacy South Birmingham Area (CASBA)

Citizen Advocacy South Birmingham Area (CASBA)

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Citizen Advocacy South Birmingham Area (CASBA)

CASBA specialises in providing Independent Advocacy for adults with Learning Disabilities who are in crisis situations.

People with Learning Disabilities are a vulnerable group within society, who are greatly disadvantaged by discriminatory attitudes and practices as they find it difficult to express their thoughts and feelings and to stand up for themselves. Invariably they can miss out on services and support that they need and are entitled to and can easily become targets for abuse.

Through advocacy interventions, people with learning disabilities are informed of their rights, services available and receive support to access them without hindrance and discrimination.

As an independent person, free from conflict of interest and loyal to the person with learning disabilities, an Advocate is able to challenge abuse and work effectively to safeguard a vulnerable person from prejudice and harm.

CASBA was established in 1989 and has extensive eperience in POVA work (Protecting Vulnerable Adults from Abuse) and Parents in Family Crisis Work. A more recent development is Self Advocacy, supporting people with Learning Disabilities to gain confidence and skills to be more able to speak up for themselves.

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