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National Museums Scotland

National Museums Scotland is Scotland's national museum service, caring for many of Scotland's museum collections of national and international importance. The vision of National Museums Scotland is to “inform, educate and inspire” by promoting physical and intellectual access to our National Collections. This sets out how NMS will meet the new challenges and enhance its public services, improve the care of the collections, and become more effective as an organisation.

Our mission is to preserve, interpret and make accessible for all, the past and present of Scotland, of other nations and cultures, and of the natural world.

We achieve this through our core values by:
• investing in people and developing potential,
• demonstrating excellence,
• being committed to innovation and continuous improvement,
• providing inspiration, education and enjoyment,
• progressing through partnership,
• and encouraging effective working and mutual respect.

National Museums Scotland is composed of five museums on five major museum sites across Scotland of which the Royal Museum (opened 1866) and the adjoining Museum of Scotland (1998) comprise the Chambers Street site.

Founded 1985

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