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Many young people are disadvantaged, vulnerable, deprived or socially excluded. They don’t have the confidence, skills or aspirations to break the cycle, fulfil their potential and live sustainable and independent lives. They need to practically develop social skills and know what it feels like to achieve.

Keyfund is a Dragon’s Den for social & youth enterprise! Our powerful, but simple process develops aspirations and skills of disengaged young people.

Our combined hook of a volunteer facilitator (trained by Keyfund) and small pots of money engages groups of young people in developing and delivering their own youth led projects. Projects are young people’s own ideas and range from new experiences, mini enterprises, gigs, parties and campaigns. By stealth, young people build confidence, self-esteem and our measurable 12 Keyfund skills.

Groups are assessed by live ‘Dragons Den’ style panels. This decision making process has a double benefit – young people demonstrate their commitment to personal development and benefiting others, whilst empowering mixed local panels to reward them.

Groups progress through four incremental stages, increasing project complexity, skill development, money accessed and overall impact upon their lives.

  • Keyfund in action

    Keyfund provides incremental grants of £250-£2000 to groups of Young People; giving them... More