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nef (the new economics foundation)

nef (the new economics foundation)

Charity information

nef (the new economics foundation)

The New Economics Foundation exists to build the case and the campaign for a new economy. Our work brings insights from the best, most original and widely respected subject-based research into direct contact with the campaigns, movements and other actors who are trying to build the new economy. We do that in a broad number of areas, encompassing social justice, well-being, the environment and the economy.

Founded 1986

  • Mission statement

    We are a think-and-do tank and we work for economics as if people and the planet mattered.

    Happiness doesn't have to cost the earth. At nef we believe that greener lifestyles could actually make people happier. We know there are huge barriers to stop people living more sustainably. We are living with a global economic model that is failing the world's poorest people and driving climate change. Politicians argue that more economic growth is the answer to global poverty, but how can we keep on growing indefinitely when the planet isn't getting any bigger.

    At nef we think a new type of economics is the answer. New economics shows we can get rid of poverty and lead happier lives without ruining the environment. It's been researched by nef and tried and tested over the world for the last two decades. It's time for politicians to put it into practice.

    nef is think-and-do tank. Our vision is to build an economy where people and the planet matter. We have a track record as a catalyst of new ideas, and of effective communications and lobbying, and works in partnership with other likeminded organisations. It has spent more than 20 years developing and testing ideas and models for the new economy.

  • Aims

    nef (the new economics foundation) aims to:

    • Building a new economy where people really take control.
  • Overview

    Established: June 1986

    Registered Charity Number: 1055254

    Full time staff: 24

    Part time staff: 16

    Phone number: 0207 820 6312

    Address: 10 Salamanca Place SE1 7HB

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