New Directions (Rugby) Ltd

New Directions (Rugby) Ltd

Charity information

New Directions (Rugby) Ltd

New Directions exists to support people with learning disabilities and is guided by the belief that such services should:
a) Assist people to lead as fulfilling a life as can be achieved;
b) Enable people to share in activities in the community;
c) Identify peoples’ wishes and preferences and help them to meet them wherever practicable;
d) Support people to be as independent as their potential allows;
e) Promote people’s self-respect, individuality and dignity.

New Directions is committed to enhance the rights, independence, choice and inclusion of people with learning disabilities and provide opportunities to lead full and purposeful lives. We work to implement the aims of:
a) Supporting people in developing their capacity to make choices within their own lives and pursue their own desires;
b) Help people develop social skills and the capacity to form friendships and relationships with a wide range of people;
c) Enable people to develop skills and enhance their employability;
d) Help communities welcome people with learning disabilities.

Founded 1991

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