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Nature in Art Trust

Nature in Art Trust owns and manages the museum Nature in Art, the first museum dedicated to art inspired by nature. Its home is Wallsworth Hall, an important 1760s listed (Grade 2*) building, situated near Gloucester, England. The collection contains work spanning 1500 years, from over 60 countries and cultures, by over 600 artists including everything from botanical illustration to a life-size tiger sculpture.

Nature in Art's main aims are to -
· cultivate an appreciation and understanding of the diversity of fine, decorative and applied art, inspired by nature, through the accessible and stimulating use of its international collections and temporary exhibitions, objects being selected as examples of "quality in variety"
· run a programme of Artists in Residence (c. 60 per year)
· provide special facilities and programmes for the education of people of all ages and particularly the young
· arrange travelling exhibitions from, and loan exhibits to, different parts of the UK and overseas
· arrange lectures, art courses, and other activities
· explore the common ground between art and science and between the insights of artists and the conservation of nature
· develop international cooperation and exchange of knowledge and ideas relating to art and nature
· stimulate and conduct research and encourage the publication of literature, academic and popular, on themes relating to art inspired by nature

To enable and enhance these to create as soon as funds allow -
· create an extension of the museum on an adjacent building plot already bought for the purpose and for which an endowment fund of c. £1M has been established
. Increase the education / meeting facilities

Nature in Art was opened in 1988 by HRH Princess Alexandra. It has never been overspent or in debt.

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