Walk Through the Bible

Walk Through the Bible

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Walk Through the Bible

To teach the 'Big Picture' of the Bible in churches.
To help schools to fulfil their Locally Agreed Syllabus on Religious Education.
To teach the overview of the Bible in Bible schools and colleges.

Founded 1984

  • Mission statement

    We are continuing to develop our children's ministry called Bible Explorer. Our team consists of over 300 trained Bible Explorer presenters in the UK. Bible Explorer is an educational programme taught exclusively in schools to children in Key Stage 2 years 5 & 6. There is a series of five one hour lessons for the Old Testament and five one hour lessons for the New Testament. The aim of Bible Explorer is to teach children the storyline of the Bible - the big picture. Bible Explorer is non-denominational, non-confessional and non-conversionary. Bible Explorer uses storytelling, drama, videos, multi-media and more to ensure that all learning types (audio, visual and kinaesthetic) connect with the subject matter. The children are taught a set of keywords and handsigns that help them to remember the storyline (for example, the Old Testament begins "Creation - Fall - Flood"). Above all Bible Explorer is fun, it gets children excited about RE and helps them to discover that the Bible isn't a boring, old, irrelevant book.

    Our adult ministry also teaches the overview of the storyline of the Bible in a unique, memorable way, however it's aim is to rekindle your desire to read the Bible and pray daily.

  • Aims

    Walk Through the Bible aims to:

    • To contribute towards the spiritual and moral education of adults and schoolchildren in general, providing a spiritual and moral foundation for people's lives to result in the betterment of society.
  • Overview

    Established: August 1984

    Registered Charity Number: 1163349

    Board members: 8

    Full time staff: 3

    Part time staff: 6

    Volunteers: 3

    Phone number: 01255871000

    Address: Oak Business Park Beaumont Essex CO16 0AT

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