The Marsh Community Centre Charitable Company

The Marsh Community Centre Charitable Company

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The Marsh Community Centre Charitable Company

Marsh Community Centre works with people of all ages to create a strong, healthy and vibrant community. We provide group activities and one-to-one support sessions for children as well as anti-social behaviour diversions for young adults. We provide education, training, employment, housing and benefits advice to maximize people's access to justice. We also work with older people in the community to reduce social isolation. We believe in the nurturing power of family and community.

Founded 2003

  • Mission statement

    Mission Statement

    The Marsh Community Centre aims to develop self-confidence and skills of local people in order that they can bring about positive social and environmental change.

    Our Aim
    That all community members are empowered to make positive choices for themselves and their community.

    • That the centre offers a safe environment for people of all ages
    • To reflect national and local priorities for public health development.
    • To promote training and employment
    • Offer information and advice
    • To empower disadvantaged groups
    • To help with the physical and emotional development of young people.
    • That the community will actively contribute to the development of the Marsh Community Centre
    • To work in partnership with other agencies.

    Strategic priorities
    • To improve health awareness (e. G. Breakfast clubs, healthy lifestyle education)
    • Bridging the skills gap (e. G. Providing ongoing training for volunteers and courses for community members)
    • Providing support for local women (e. G. Combating domestic violence through women’s group.
    • Providing youth activities (e. G. Music, sports, life skill activities)
    • Early years: providing opportunities for pre-school children and mothers (possible link with Sure Start Children Centre)
    • Combating drug and alcohol related anti –social behaviour
    • Improve the skills of local people

  • Aims

    The Marsh Community Centre Charitable Company aims to:

    • Promote the health and happiness of everyone in the Marsh Ward, with particular focus on the Marsh Estate (one of the most deprived wards in Lancaster and Morecambe).
    • Reduce anti-social behaviour and offending in the Marsh area and surrounding district.
    • Reduce social isolation of older people in the Marsh Area.
    • Promote social inclusion of individuals who face daily oppression.
    • Reduce long-term unemployment in the Marsh and Lancaster area.
  • Overview

    Established: January 2003

    Registered Charity Number: 1085116

    Board members: 5

    Part time staff: 7

    Volunteers: 7

    Phone number: 01524 843300

    Address: Marsh Community Centre, Willow Lane, Lancaster LA1 5PP

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