Vauxhall City Farm

Vauxhall City Farm

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Vauxhall City Farm

Vauxhall City Farm is a little piece of the countryside in the heart of London with all the sights, smells, sounds and experiences of rural life.

Founded 1977

  • Mission statement

    Vauxhall, Lambeth, inner city London, are not usually words to conjure up scenes of rural life or sounds from the countryside but down at Vauxhall City Farm the cows are mooing and the chickens are laying. The farm is often described as “magical” and “a special place” and many people benefit from its tranquility. The farm exists to promote social cohesion and provide educational, recreational and therapeutic opportunities for our community, with particular reference to those who are disadvantaged and excluded and those with disabilities or special needs.

    We are open to everyone 5 days a week and entrance to the farm is free which ensures that low income families and the more disadvantaged members of our community can benefit from this haven of rural life. We run specific projects, such as horse riding for disabled children, work experience placements, volunteering opportunities and educational tours for local children. The farm was founded in 1977 and relies on the generosity of friends and the support of grant-making organisations to provide this much loved resource for the local community. We hope that with your help we can continue to do so for the next 35 years.

  • Aims

    Vauxhall City Farm aims to:

    • To use the setting of an urban farm to: 3. Contribute to community cohesion and regeneration;
    • To use the setting of an urban farm to: 4. Promote environmental awareness.
    • To use the setting of an urban farm to: 2. Provide activities for children and people of all ages, abilities and cultures;
    • To use the setting of an urban farm to: 1. Provide educational, recreational and therapeutic programmes;
  • Overview

    Established: August 1977

    Registered Charity Number: 281512

    Board members: 12

    Full time staff: 15

    Part time staff: 3

    Volunteers: 60

    Phone number: 020 7582 4204

    Address: 165 Tyers Street London SE11 5HS

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