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Worth Unlimited

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Worth Unlimited

Worth Unlimited is a Christian charity and social enterprise primarily set up to work with young people in the UK suffering from the effects of poverty and deprivation.

Founded 1997

  • Mission statement

    Worth Unlimited is committed to building a network of locally rooted teams dedicated to working with young people who have not had the best start in life and lack real aspiration and hope. Our aim is build hope, unlock potential and realise worth in every young person we work with.

    We exist to help young people transform their view of themselves and enable them to make a valuable contribution to the wider world around them. We are committed to enabling young people, along with families and whole communities, to break out of poverty and ensure that location and postcode have no significance in determining the life chances of young people. We have a clear and bold ambition to see young people, once “written-off”, by society being able themselves to becoming activists for transformation within their own community.

    Our core approach is to work at a grass-roots level with a focus on building long term relationships, delivering holistic and effective programmes, supporting young entrepreneurs and developing local partnerships.

  • Aims

    Worth Unlimited aims to:

    • Our aim is build hope, unlock potential and realise worth in every young person we work with.
  • Overview

    Established: September 1997

    Registered Charity Number: 1068782

    Board members: 8

    Full time staff: 12

    Part time staff: 41

    Volunteers: 120

    Phone number: 07786 074977

    Address: Worth Unlimited 70 Raglan Road Smethwick West Midlands B66 3ND

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