Bell Farm Christian Centre

Bell Farm Christian Centre

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Bell Farm Christian Centre

Bell Farm Church exists to witness to God's love as revealed in His Son Jesus and to serve our community in His love and power.

In addition to traditional church activities, Bell Farm aims to provide opportunities for people of all ages, from pre-school though to older persons, which support and encourage individual development, social interaction and healthy living.

Bell Farm recognises that certain sections of its community are isolated, vulnerable, disenfranchised, subject to hate crime or domestic violence and disadvantaged because of physical and financial hardship. Bell Farm seeks to contact through outreach, empower through education and support with advice and advocacy those who find themselves in such difficult circumstances. Bell Farm strives to make available activities which engender the values of a caring community and to develop such activities for the wider good of society.

Bell Farm recognises the value of diversity not only in the communities it serves but also in the people and organisations with whom it works.
Joint ventures, partnerships and collaborative working are an essential and integral part of BFCC’s success and we continue to invest in building relationships.

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