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Thare Machi Education

In the poorest communities around the world, women and children die because no one has told them how to stay healthy. Life-saving information passes them by because they cannot read. Often they speak a language that health educators don’t know, so vital information is left unsaid.

But the knowledge these communities need is simple and easily passed on. Thare Machi Education spreads basic health and wellbeing education throughout the world’s poorest communities through DVDs in local languages.

Founded 2000

  • Mission statement

    Publishing interactive DVDs on HIV and AIDS, child care, health and life skills.

    TME takes simple life-saving information and makes it accessible by some of the world’s poorest people. We do this by making interactive audio visual lessons in the user’s own language. The interactivity means the user has to answer questions correctly in order to complete the lesson. There is also a quiz for each topic which provides a score out of ten with 10 being the pass mark! We have 32 topics and over 65 languages available. The lessons are all available on DVD and increasingly for free download to your computer or mobile device.

    Our partners are community groups, street children’s societies, health clinics, faith groups, schools and individuals; all they need is the discs and access to a machine to play them on. The DVDs are easy to use and can be viewed on portable DVD players, on most computers or via a projector and screen. For those with an internet connection, many lessons are available online and can be played through an internet browser on a suitable computer or phone.

  • Aims

    Thare Machi Education aims to:

    • To educate and train young people and children in any part of the world where social and economic conditions put them at risk of exploitation, so that they may fulfill their potential.
    • To promote the protection and preservation of health among beneficiaries by informing and assisting them to avoid infection by HIV.
  • Overview

    Established: March 2000

    Registered Charity Number: 1080131

    Board members: 8

    Part time staff: 3

    Volunteers: 5

    Phone number: 01926 422711

    Address: PO Box 4040 CV32 5YJ

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