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Tanyard Youth Project Ltd

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Tanyard Youth Project Ltd

“The Tanyard Youth Project Ltd exists to provide an excellent standard of facilities, activities and services for all young people in a safe, welcoming, educational and inspirational environment in order to enable them to develop physically, mentally and spiritually; becoming in turn, mature members of society and positive citizens of the community”.

The Tanyard Youth Project has been in existence since 1998. It was formed by a partnership of volunteers from the community who saw the need to provide inclusive leisure and learning opportunities for young people from the community. The Tanyard Youth Project serves young people who live in Pembroke and Pembroke Dock as well as disparate rural village communities. Two of these areas are amongst the highest ‘areas of deprivation’ in Great Britain (Monkton and Llanion).

The aim of the project is to provide a safe, caring, welcoming user friendly environment to all young people regardless of their ability, disability, gender, race, creed, colour, sexual orientation, religion or social disposition. The project offers an alternative to the possibilities of petty theft, vandalism, substance misuse, alcohol misuse and anti-social behaviour.

The majority of young people we work with are from identified areas of deprivation. They often come from a culture of violence, binge drinking, drugs, unemployment, parents with lack or no knowledge of health & wellbeing, which results in low levels of expectation of making progression and with a limited cultural consciousness. Their experience of the wider world is insular and literacy and numeracy levels are low. This in turn affects levels of confidence and self esteem, which prevents them from engaging easily with the wider community. These young people do not have what might be considered normal levels of security or defined safe boundaries within their lives. Much of their learned behaviour is from strategies developed to survive in difficult situations, which prevents the development of empathy towards others and which often disempowers them from becoming active or positive citizens of the community. Behavourial issues often affect their psyche which regularly translates into an expressed victim mentality. There is an enormous reluctance to try and take themselves outside their negative safety zones through fear of failure and lack of trust in others, particularly those in authority.

We currently have 938 signed up members aged 10 – 18 years, who access the Tanyard Youth Project in their social time. We offer superb facilities for recreation and extended learning, focussed on raising social and essential life skills levels and to promote active citizenship. We have an eighteen strong Youth Committee who take an active role in the management and development of our programmes. Representatives from this Youth Committee are an integral part of the Management Board of the Trust.

Activities include: Computing with free internet access, homework club, Art and Craft, performing arts, photography, film making, sports, environmental projects, community projects, free pool, table tennis, quiz nights, global awareness, drum and guitar tuition, independent living skills, health and welfare.

We offer a wide range of outdoor activities such as: Sports, camping, outdoor pursuits (kayaking, canoeing, climbing and surfing), theatre, skiing, pool tournaments, rugby matches, football matches, cinema, beach visits, fishing and paintballing all of which costs are met by the Tanyard. In addition we offer educational trips, which include: a visit to the seal sanctuary, environmental projects, such as beach cleans and recycling rubbish into artwork, museums and art exhibitions.

Accredited learning includes: Duke of Edinburgh, Asdan Awards, Youth Achievement Awards, PTxl Asdan Awards, OCN Youth Work and Senior Member Training.

Besides this we provide accessible workshop facilities in: careers guidance, substance misuse, alcohol misuse, community safety, first aid, health and welfare, emotional wellbeing, bullying and peer mentoring.
All activities are free.


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