Charity information


Aspire exists because there is currently no cure for spinal cord injury. We provide practical help to those paralysed by spinal cord injuries through a range of services.

Founded 1983

  • Mission statement

    Aspire works with people with Spinal Cord Injuries to create opportunity, choice and independence.

    Aspire’s housing programme offers accommodation for people who have been discharged from SICs and are unable to return to their own home as it is not suitable for their needs. Many people are inappropriately discharged into Care Homes, inaccessible houses or are kept in hospital longer than necessary.

    Aspire Grants provides grants for spinally injured people so they can buy the essential equipment they need to get on with their lives.

    Aspire Independent Living Advisers offer practical support to newly injured people by signposting them towards essential services – whether they be Aspire services or otherwise.

    Aspire’s Assistive Technology programme means that people in specialist spinal cord injury hospitals can access computers regardless of the level of their injury.

    Aspire has a research department that develops practical solutions for people with spinal cord injuries. We do not carry out research for a cure.

  • Aims

    Aspire aims to:

    • Providing practical help to people paralysed by spinal cord injuries
  • Overview

    Established: April 1983

    Registered Charity Number: 1075317

    Board members: 12

    Full time staff: 50

    Part time staff: 60

    Volunteers: 40

    Phone number: 020 8954 5759

    Address: Aspire National Training Centre Wood Lane Stanmore Middlesex HA7 4AP

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