Charity information

Ariel Trust

Ariel Trust was established as an educational charity (Registered Charity number: 519688) and company limited by guarantee (Company registration number: 2113575) in 1981. Our objectives, set out in the Memorandum and Articles are as follows:

· To promote for the benefit of the public the furtherance of education, training and understanding of all members of the public (with particular emphasis on members of the public who are young or disadvantaged) in all aspects of sound, television and multimedia

· To promote for the benefit of the public and enable best practice and high standards in all aspects of sound, television and multimedia production which is of cultural, artistic or educational value

We are currently delivering a range of services in Merseyside using radio and digital audio techniques to engage and motivate young people, including:-
· Producing resources for teachers linked to PSHE and Citizenship
· Delivering Continuing Professional Development sessions for teachers and others aimed at enabling them to make effective use of our resources
· Accredited programmes in schools where pupils explore the issues and make programmes about alcohol misuse and its consequences
· Enterprise Days for schools based on setting up a new radio station
· A radio production course for young adults interested in careers in radio – this is a 14 week programme leading to a level 3 qualification and the possibility of a placement in a radio station

Founded 1982

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