Charity information


Our vision is to maintain and advance our position as the primary provider of Metabolic Disease specific information and support to children, young people, adults, families and professionals in the United Kingdom and to provide information and support to families worldwide, to fund educational and primary research programmes and to investigate treatments and medical services.

The demand for our services continues to grow. Many children who at one time would have been undiagnosed are now known to have been suffering from a metabolic disease. As medical science and knowledge advances, this trend is likely to continue - there will be more families needing our support, more children relying on us to help find cures. There will, too, be more hope - but only if we have the resources to match demand. We rely heavily on voluntary donations to fund our work. You can find out more about our achievements and how you can help us achieve even more elsewhere on our website - www. Climb. Org. Uk.

Founded 2001