International Wildlife Coalition Trust (IWCT)

International Wildlife Coalition Trust (IWCT)

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International Wildlife Coalition Trust (IWCT)

We are a small registered charity, first registered in 1990, with a office address at 141a, High Street, Edenbridge, Kent. TN8 5AX. Phone number 01732 866955. My direct email charles@iwcmail. Plus. Com

Since November 1998, we have been solely working on the ilegal trade in dogs for human consumption, in the Philippines. Where we have another organisation registered "Animal Kingdom Foundation Inc" (AKF). We have found it quite impossible to raise funds in the Philippines, so AKF is 100 percent funded by IWCT. I am the President of AKF and CEO of IWCT.

We are making positive progress with our work in the Philippines, through our lawyers a new law is about to come into force, which will make life impossible for dog traders to carry on, penalties are to be very severe, £55 fine for each dog, plus 1 to 4 years imprisonment.
AKF employs 14 people full time which includes 2 vets, we have a very large dog rescue centre, with a fully fitted veterinary clinic, at this time we have at our rescue centre 309 dogs, and have in the last 15 months found new safe loving homes for 83 dogs.

We have space at the recue centre for 1,000 dogs, and with this new law we will be getting many more dogs in, as I say we have the space to build more pens, what we don't have is the money to build new pens, feed more dogs and give veterinary care, drugs are expensive.

There is much more information for us to give, and our accounts are open for any inspection. My mobile number is 0777 352 9456.

Yours truly,
Charles Wartenberg