Barnabas Outreach Trust

Barnabas Outreach Trust

Charity information

Barnabas Outreach Trust

The objects of Barnabas Outreach Trust are
To advance the Christian Religion
To relieve poverty, sickness and distress

The aim of Barnabas Outreach Trust is to encourage churches and individuals to support and facilitate the spread of the Christian Gospel message locally and worldwide.

Working closely with Barnabas East Africa, Barnabas Outreach Trust is supporting plans to build a community centre in Mombasa, Kenya. The aim of the centre is to provide a number of services to the community including:
Orphans Centre
Montessori School
Micro-Business Training & Development Centre
New Life Church

Founded 1997

  • Walls and Roof

    A framework has gone up on our plot of land in Mombasa but it will need walls and a roof.
  • Barnabas Community Centre & School, Mombasa, Kenya

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  • Sunday School Classrooms, Rosiori, Romania

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  • Rural School, Uranga, Kenya

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