Willenhall Community Forum Limited

Willenhall Community Forum Limited

Charity information

Willenhall Community Forum Limited

We work to support local residents to have a better quality of life. By supporting them to access services, providing volunteering opportunities which will enhance existing skills, develop new skills, build confidence and a strong community. We provide an environment which welcomes and offers warmth to a community which suffers poverty and high levels of unemployment

  • Mission statement

    To improve the quality of life of the residents of WIllenhall, Willenhall Wood and surrounding areas in Coventry. To work in partnership to provide local services that are designed by , delivered by and are accessible to local residents of all ages. In particular to work in a co-ordinated way to provide leisure time persutes, employment support, volunteering opportunities, learning and training courses and childcare services which inturn are aimed at improving the education attainments and economic wellbeing of local people as well as increasing the level of community cohesion.

    The organisation utilises and maintains a range of local resoruces as part of its community work. This includes the Willenhall Village Green, Willenhall Focus Newspaper, Eureka Childcare and Willenhall Education, Employment & Training Centre.

  • Aims

    Willenhall Community Forum Limited aims to:

    • to provide opportunities for residents to become cohesive
    • to support residents who are seeking work to become confident and work ready
    • to provide residents with the knowledge and resources to access relevant, beneficial services
  • Overview

    Registered Charity Number: 1057458

    Phone number: 024 7651 1228

    Address: 239 Robin Hood Road, Coventry CV3 3AN

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