Charity information

Diabetes UK

We Diabetes UK, the leading UK diabetes charity. Diabetes affects more people than any other serious health condition in the UK. Those diagnosed face the risk of life-changing & life-limiting complications, unless they are given the best care & the support they need to manage their condition well. As a society we need to work together – take action now – to fund critical research, improve healthcare & treatment, and prevent yet more people developing this potentially life-threatening condition.

Founded 1934

  • Mission statement

    Our mission is that by bringing people together to work in partnership, we will support those living with diabetes, prevent Type 2 diabetes, make research breakthroughs, and ultimately find a cure.

    How we do this:

    •​We listen to and work with people with diabetes, healthcare professionals and many others to drive change.

    •We develop, deliver and champion the most effective ways for people to manage their diabetes, or their risk, so they can live their lives with confidence.

    • We build a strong community of support that finds and shares the knowledge needed to fight diabetes.

    Our vision is a world where diabetes can do no harm.

    Our values:

    •We put people first​
    •We're driven to know more
    •We make change happen
    •We keep things simple

  • Aims

    Diabetes UK aims to:

    • Greater investment in research
    • A transformation in diabetes care
    • Reducing obesity & preventing Type 2 diabetes
    • Helping everyone manage their diabetes
    • A revolution in understanding and support and the best people and the best organisation
  • Overview

    Established: January 1934

    Registered Charity Number: 215199

    Board members: 14

    Full time staff: 306

    Part time staff: 64

    Volunteers: 7000

    Phone number: 03451232399

    Address: 126 Back Church Lane E1 1FH

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