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The University of Sheffield

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The University of Sheffield

Gifts to University of Sheffield help fund areas such as student hardship, equipment, and groundbreaking research. Thank you for your support.

Founded 1905

  • Mission statement

    Our mission is to discover and understand. Our University works to improve the world by seeking to understand it.

    We are recognised as a leading international university that delivers learning, teaching, research and knowledge of the highest quality.

    Our key long-term goals are:

    1. The Achievement Of Excellence
    We will produce Sheffield Graduates who demonstrate impact, excellence and distinctiveness in their chosen field
    2. . The Frontiers Of Knowledge
    We will be in the top five research universities in the UK based on peer assessment of our research performance.
    3. The Impact Of Innovation
    We will achieve a high global impact through innovation and through applying our entrepreneurial skills in teaching and research
    4. The Power Of People - Staff
    Our staff will be committed to excellence in all they do and have a strong sense of contribution and achievement
    5. The Power Of People - Students
    We will have a reputation for the highest standards of education and research skills to attract the best students
    6. The Sense Of Belonging
    We will actively contribute to the success and prosperity of the city and region through partnerships and support for local industry, commerce, public services, schools and colleges, the international quality of the staff we attract, and the impact of our staff's engagement with the city
    7. Delivering On Our Promises
    Our stakeholders will trust us to deliver on our promises

    Find out more about Our Shared Vision at: http://www. Shef. Ac. Uk/departmen

  • Aims

    The University of Sheffield aims to:

    • We help fund students and staff to equip them in their quest for knowledge.
  • Overview

    Established: January 1905

    Phone number: 01142221076

    Address: Western Bank S10 2TN

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