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Build IT International

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Build IT International

We are a new organisation working in Africa to create job opportunities through building essential homes and community facilities such as classrooms and clinics.

What we do is:

1. Train local builders and communities in construction and business skills to create employment opportunities.

2. Assist those we have trained to construct affordable, quality buildings such as schools, houses, water systems.

3. Use simple, environmentally sound technologies and appropriate design.

The result of this approach is stronger communities, better buildings and the skills to earn a living in some of the poorest places in the world.

We have launched a two year programme in Zambia to build six rural schools to assist over 1700 children and train local builders and community members. The work will include a new teachers' house using an innovative design.

This programme is costed at around £300,000 and we would be delighted to take donors to see the work.

We are also working on innovative, low cost housing for rural and urban areas.

Just ask if you have any questions!

Founded 2006


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