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About us
Since 1985, Bedford Creative Arts’ (BCA) committed team of project workers have delivered valuable education and training to thousands of people living in some of Bedford’s most disadvantaged communities.

What we offer
BCA uses photography, film and animation as practical tools to support each participant to find their own creative voice. Working with adults and children, unemployed and homeless people, disabled people, people who have mental heath issues and those who are recovering from addiction to drugs or alcohol, we are committed to changing lives for the better. After embarking on one of our projects, we see participants, young and old, show increased confidence, develop new skills, and enjoy an improved quality of life.

BCA also manages BCA Gallery. Every other year the Gallery hosts a showcase exhibition showing the variety of work produced by participants of BCA’s projects.

By supporting BCA with a financial contribution, you are enabling us to continue our essential work.

How your gift can help
£2. 50 will pay for a disposable camera that will be used by one of our participants in learning the basics of photography.

£250 will pay for one of our experienced Project Team to spend a day working with a group to develop new skills whether it be at our town centre venue or in their own community.

£250,000 will enable BCA to continue it’s important work for a whole year.

How to make your gift
For more information about BCA’s Gift Giving Scheme, please contact BCA by telephoning 01234 818670, email katiew@bedfordcreativearts. Org

Testimonial: (Quote from Former Group Leader at Langley House )
“The photography sessions combined with other activities increased the confidence and self esteem of one participant so that he came to the point of being able to do volunteer work. He never left his house normally and the photography was the only session he left his house for. ”

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