Charity information


Our vision is for a fairer world, in which people of all abilities collaborate with each other and with nature everywhere, recognising that all are interconnected. As an educational Trust we explore in practice with students and adults, of all abilities, how to work co-operatively and how to use our land, resources and abilities so that they are enhanced rather than depleted, for the health and benefit of all. (Hence our aim to become a Zero Fossil Fuel Site and local food hub. )

We believe that every action of individuals and organisations, however small, is important. As well as words we need practice and experience to bring about change in ourselves and others.

Founded 1977

  • Zero Fossil Fuel Rural ZED Accomodation

    Designed by Bill Dunster, we want to erect a pair of Rural ZED ( Zero fossil energy - Cod... More
  • Interpreting our World

    Interpreting our World will enable the general public to experience, engage with and learn... More
  • Spaces that Speak - website redesign £15,000+

    Develop our web site as a modern, interactive, educational resource, to promote and gather... More
  • Zero Fossil Fuel Farm & Site

    To power the whole site from renewables - the classrooms, kitchens, offices farm & vehicle... More
  • Hands on Project Coordinator & fundraiser £40,000

    To enable Commonwork to become Zero Carbon, we need to raise £1.3 million to replace foss... More