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Hoipolloi Theatre

Hoipolloi’s vision is to be at the forefront of artistic innovation, making original and refreshing new work which is distributed across different platforms including theatre, digital media and film to reach a global audience.

The company exists to make the work of Shôn Dale-Jones - work which stretches the imagination, makes us laugh and playfully challenges our sense of reality, liberating us from our everyday lives. Hoipolloi is driven by a desire to share stories and ideas by connecting with as many people as possible, consciously surprising audiences by creating moments of shared intimacy within the broad expanse of its work.

Hoipolloi is committed to innovation. Over the next three years, the company will connect its live and digital work, enabling it to reach and engage people in new ways. By renegotiating its relationship with its audience, Hoipolloi will redefine how theatre is made, found, experienced and personalised, contributing to the continuing development of the art form in a digital age.

Hoipolloi delivers its work through dynamic and effective partnerships and creative collaborations, maximising the benefits of being a small, independent and flexible company with clear ambitions and determination to succeed.

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