English Federation of Disability Sport

English Federation of Disability Sport

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English Federation of Disability Sport

English Federation of Disability Sport is the national body for disabled people in sport and physical activity in England. The charity aims to increase opportunities at all levels of participation.

Founded 1998

  • Mission statement

    EFDS has a simple Vision of a future where:

    “Disabled people are active for life”.

    We do not assume that all disabled people will be active although that would be fantastic! Our aspiration is to see equality in sport whereby disabled
    people are just as likely to be active as non-disabled people. At the moment
    in England, four out of five disabled people are not taking part in any sport
    or physical activity each week. Non-disabled people’s participation rates are more than twice the level of disabled people.

    EFDS is the strategic lead for sport and physical activity in England. It is important to identify how our work and those of our partners can help achieve this vision and lead to wider changes in society and for disabled people specifically.

    We see two broad (wider than sport) outcomes which will result from increased participation in sport and physical activity by disabled people:

    • Enhanced health and wellbeing for all disabled people

    This outcome focuses on the improved wellbeing and quality of life for disabled people. It aspires to social, emotional and psychological wellbeing as well as physical health.

    • A more equal society in which disabled people can achieve through increased opportunities and choice

    To achieve our vision, disabled people need to be recognised within society much more positively. If disabled people are to exercise genuine choice, then the opportunities open to them need to be as comprehensive
    as those available to non-disabled people.

  • Aims

    English Federation of Disability Sport aims to:

    • Provide strategic leadership and direct support to get more disabled people participating in sport and physical activity.
    • Ensure that strong and effective engagement processes and partnerships are in place with NGBs, CSPs, NDSOs and other partners that lead to improvement in the infrastructure of sport for disabled peopl
    • Ensure the provision of pathways to participation for disabled people in sport and physical activity through a dedicated events programme.
    • Influence and support the health and fitness industry to provide high quality inclusive services and provision
    • Be the central resource for research evidence relating to disabled people and sport.
  • Overview

    Established: September 1998

    Registered Charity Number: 1075180

    Full time staff: 18

    Part time staff: 2

    Phone number: 0161 228 2868

    Address: EFDS St James Building 79 Oxford Street Manchester M1 6FQ

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