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Dorchester YMCA

Dorchester YMCA was founded in 1868 and offers sport, physical activities and familily support for people of all ages and abilities in West Dorset. We have over 400 members including up to 50 with disabilities and a large user group. Our main sports are gymnastics and fitness, Free Running, Table Tennis, Yoga, dance and pre-school music, arts and crafts and Kickboxing. We also run weekly coffee and play sessions for families who have young people with disabilities.

Our aims are:
To encourage the fitness habit in people of all ages starting from the very young,
To encourage the physical and emotional potential of young people particularly those with disabilities who thrive in situations where they can feel confident and accepted by their peers
To offer a friendly social environment and provide mutual support for our many families
To encourage young people to gain basic coaching experience, a first level qualification and an understanding of working within a team.

We are currently working hard to raise funds to extend our 12 x 16 metre sports hall by 9 metres so that we can increase the number and range of activities offered. We have raised £141,000 of the £233,000 needed so far and hope to raise the remainder by December 2008. We then have to raise a further £25,000 to upgrade and equip the newly extended hall and a further sum to purchase a mobile hoist for our more severely disabled users. We would be delighted if you could help by making a donation towards our project. Your contribultion will enable us to keep more people of all ages and abilities fit and active in a friendly social environment.

For more details please see our website:www. Dorchester-ymca. Co. Uk

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