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Carousel inspires people with learning disabilities to achieve their artistic ambitions. We strive at all times for artistic excellence, ensuring high quality activities, working in genuine collaboration with others and challenging perceptions of what art is and who can create it.

We have gone from strength to strength over the last five years gaining an international reputation for our groundbreaking work.

Carousel promotes the active involvement of people with learning disabilities in the arts, teaching people new artistic skills and developing existing talents. Carousel shares its unique approach with a range of professionals and partners. Carousel’s art provision is unique in that it prioritises the needs of those with learning disabilities, offering a range of opportunities for engagement in the arts alongside professional artists, and pushing forward the rights of people with learning disabilities to fully access arts activities.

Key to our philosophy Carousel supports people with learning disabilities to take control of their arts lives. We facilitate film-makers with learning disabilities to manage the Oska Bright Film Festival, the first film festival in the world for, and run by, people with learning disabilities. We also facilitate a similar committee to manage the Blue Camel Club events in Brighton and plan to extend this model of good practice to the clubs we run across West Sussex. Artists, dancers and musicians with learning disabilities are supported and trained to choreograph dance pieces, direct films and write and perform their music, whilst many choose to lead workshops for other adults and children with learning disabilities. These workshop leaders provide powerful role models, particularly to children, about what people with learning disabilities can achieve.

Founded 1982

  • Oska Bright Mobile Cinema

    To tour the UK in 2012 in a bespoke double decker bus showing learning disabled film to pe... More
  • Oska Bright Film Festival

    To inspire people with learning disabilities to make and share their short films.