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Shared Care Network believes that all disabled children and young people should have opportunities to spend time away from their school or family setting, doing things that they enjoy. At the same time all parents of disabled children should have access to regular breaks from caring knowing that their child is with people they know and trust and is enjoying a break too.

Shared Care Network is the only organisation in the UK dedicated to improving and increasing short breaks provision (family and community based "respite" care) for severely disabled children and their families. "Access to a regular short break" is the most requested support service by families of disabled children. However there are thousands of families waiting for breaks and these are often those most in need e. G. Families of children with Autism, Complex heathcare needs and challenging behaviour.

Our BIG Breaks strategy aims to double the number of disabled children getting short breaks to 20,000 by 2012. We wish to run a nationwide "BIG Breaks campaign" to recruit more short break carers and to carry out activities to ensure disabled children and their famililes get the short break services they need and deserve.

Founded 1990

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