Charity information


The charity works with difficult to reach young people in an effort to promote re-engagement with education and reduce social exclusion and exists to improve the lives of these young people who, by various incidents in their past, are denied the opportunities that most others take for granted.
Our object is that on completion of their learning programme our learners gain the skills and the determination to find employment.

We have the following aims:

• To advance education,
• Reduce crime and anti-social behaviour
• Promote Citizenship
• To increase life chances and
• Help re-engagement with mainstream education.
• To increase personal and social development and the enhancement of self-awareness.
• To improve opportunities for employment

Motov8 endeavours to create a secure and safe learning environment where the educational and emotional needs of each individual are addressed and the opportunity for progression is maximised. What young people achieve whilst they are with us can make a real difference to their lives.
Our experienced staff work to harness an often ‘unhealthy’ interest in Motor Vehicles and channel that interest into a programme of education that combines ‘key skills’ with ‘hands on’ learning around mechanics and fabrication.

Founded 2004

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