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Wildwood Trust

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Wildwood Trust

Wildwood Trust is a wildlife park and conservation charity in Kent, set up to support British wildlife past and present through conservation programmes and education. Wildwood has at its heart the unique charitable vision to help restore our areas of wildlife and recreate the true wild wood. We aim to inspire in the minds of people the wildlife that was once harboured in our wild places and give them the inspiration, skills and ability to play an active role in its protection and restoration.

Founded 2002

  • Mission statement

    Wildwood is committed to improving conditions for wildlife throughout the UK. Our mission is to safeguard populations of endangered species in the UK, bring back recently extinct species such as the beaver to suitable habitats in Britain, and raise awareness about wildlife conservation through education initiatives at our wildlife parks.

  • Aims

    Wildwood Trust aims to:

    • Providing leadership and practical demonstration of technologies and lifestyles that are wildlife & environmentally friendly.
    • Re-wilding areas of Britain through the re-introduction of ecological processes
    • Inspiring people to discover and experience our native and once native wildlife.
    • Scientific research to better understand British wildlife and its conservation.
  • Overview

    Established: March 2002

    Registered Charity Number: 1093702

    Board members: 7

    Full time staff: 33

    Part time staff: 17

    Volunteers: 247

    Phone number: 01227 712111

    Address: Herne Common Herne Bay Kent CT6 7LQ

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