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The Gaia Foundation is dedicated to working with a global network of partners, accompanying local communities to strengthen their resilience to deal with the multiple crises we face today – from ecosystem destruction and climate change to unaccountable corporate control and related inequities.

Together we aim to:
- Ensure that the ecological knowledge held by these diverse communities is drawn upon in the international search for ways of dealing with climate change and loss of biodiversity.
- Assist them in resisting further destruction and exploitation of their land, forests and rivers.
- Return full control to local people over what food they grow, eat and sell, over the care of their natural environment, over how they ensure a sustainable life for their community.

Gaia serves as the networking hub: Communicating and collaborating internationally; accompanying and connecting communities; creating learning opportunities and nurturing new talent within the network, to become potent leaders and innovators for a viable and just future.

Over the last 25 years Gaia has raised over £25m for innovative people and actions. At least 90% has been carefully re-granted to activities in Africa, South America, Europe and Asia, where we have supported small pilots and large programs, to pioneer local solutions to climate change and related challenges.

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