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Open Homes Nottingham

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Open Homes Nottingham

Open Homes Nottingham exists to overcome poverty, transform communities and release potential. We aim to not only meet immediate needs but also, through support and training, empower individuals for the long term.

Founded 2005

  • Mission statement

    Open Homes Nottingham is a Christian-based charity dedicated to overcoming poverty, releasing potential and transforming communities.

    Working in the UK and overseas, Open Homes Nottingham operates at a grass roots level through over 250 volunteers to tackle the root causes of poverty and exclusion. Our UK projects include a mentoring programme for drug and alcohol addicts, a debt counselling service, an evening service for the homeless and vulnerably housed community, a practical household support service and a project that provides emergency supported accommodation for homeless young people.

    Overseas, we provide financial management support for an international development work in Northern Ghana. The King's Village Project provides the only three doctors amongst 160,000 people - alongside clean water and sanitation, education and vocational training, all delivered in partnership with local communities. Our hospital was recently acknowledged as the best in the whole of the north region of Ghana.

  • Aims

    Open Homes Nottingham aims to:

    • 58i has one simple aim; to transform the lives of those trapped in social poverty and exclusion. We do this through early intervention, breaking the cycles of poverty and international development.
  • Overview

    Established: February 2005

    Registered Charity Number: 1110176

    Board members: 6

    Part time staff: 4

    Volunteers: 250

    Phone number: 0333 3232 265

    Address: 58i, 104-114 Talbot Street, Nottingham NG1 5GL

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    Open Homes Nottingham is a charity that seeks to provide holistic restoration for those ex... More