The Sylvan Charitable Trust

The Sylvan Charitable Trust

Charity information

The Sylvan Charitable Trust

Sylvan exists to provide spiritual, or energy, healing, for anyone in need

Founded 1982

  • Mission statement

    For over 50 years, Sylvan has provided spiritual healing to many in and around London seeking help for all manner of physical, mental and spiritual problems. Whilst we never promise a cure, many extraordinary improvements to peoples' conditions have occurred, ranging from complete recoveries to lessening of pain, enabling people to cope better with their problems and, in cases of terminal illness, feelings of tranquility and acceptance. Our group of healers makes no charge for its work, relying only on small donations to maintain our premises and cover running costs - insurance, etc.

    Our current premises are on a busy road with a sometimes noisy young family living above. We are desperate to move as we are currently unable to offer the degree of tranquility that is so important or to provide healing to a greater number of people. Our dream is to raise around £1. 500,000 - £2,000,000 to enable us to purchase a quietly situated, more central London property which would provide space for a greater range of holistic treatments. Through our hard work and via the generosity of many, we have settled our existing mortgage. Please help us to achieve this dream - there are so many people in desperate need of the care and support that our group of highly trainers healers offers.

  • Aims

    The Sylvan Charitable Trust aims to:

    • To raise adequate funds to move our healing premises to a quieter spot, with additional space so that we can begin to offer a much fuller range of holistic, spiritually based treatments
  • Overview

    Established: November 1982

    Registered Charity Number: 286004

    Volunteers: 12

    Phone number: 020 8920 6554

    Address: 160A Hoppers Road N21 3LA

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