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The Elizabeth Foundation

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The Elizabeth Foundation

The Elizabeth Foundation is a special needs charity supporting young deaf children and their families as they come to terms with the myriad effects of permanent hearing loss

Founded 1981

  • Mission statement

    The Elizabeth Foundation believes that every child should have the opportunity to learn to listen and speak. We provide first class practical and emotional support to young deaf children to enable them to reach those fundamental goals, and to lead a fulfilling life.

    Our highly respected and innovative programmes progress even profoundly deaf children to oral communication. This ultimately allows them to gain life long education, employment and social skills which encourage independence and self worth.

    We also provide an outstanding range of services to the families and carers of young deaf children, reaching out across the UK through a variety of media to ensure that no family need feel isolated as a result of their childs disability.

    The majority of our services are provided free of charge, allowing access to support with no financial, cultural or geographical obstacle.

    As a UK registered charity with no automatic statutory entitlement toward any of the services we provide, we are focused, determined, and extremely hard working to secure all our funding and to allocate resources efficiently.

    We are so proud of our reputation and immense success; we believe deaf children deserve the very best and that is what we give them, most importantly our deaf children can actually tell you that themselves!

    Please visit our web site, www. Elizabeth-foundation. Org for further information.

  • Aims

    The Elizabeth Foundation aims to:

    • Provide innovative, accessible education & welfare services & practical guidance to families of deaf babies & young children who feel marginalised from society as a result of their childs hearing loss
    • To influence other agencies initially in the UK, but with potential to support those overseas, to provide outstanding educational services which involve a childs first educator - their parent
    • To prepare deaf children , often with additional disabilities for mainstream education services by age 5, enabling them to learn alongside hearing peers and improving their social inclusion.
    • To directly involve parents in evaluating improvement in their childs listening and talking skills, helping to improve language skills, concentration and long term potential for academic achievement
    • Strengthen & disseminate professional knowledge, skills & best practice in relation to early intervention services, building partnerships which reduce rehabilitation costs, and provide value for money
  • Overview

    Established: April 1981

    Registered Charity Number: 293835

    Board members: 9

    Full time staff: 5

    Part time staff: 16

    Volunteers: 40

    Phone number: 02392 372735

    Address: Southwick Hill Rd Cosham Hants PO6 2JZ

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