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Devon Link-Up

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Devon Link-Up

Devon Link-Up is based in East Devon and is unique in this area in providing independent social, educational, advocacy and befriending services to the learning disabled community which would not otherwise be available.

Our mission is to provide “voices and choices” for the learning disabled population of East Devon, young people and adults, giving them greater opportunities to build up skills, self esteem, confidence and opportunities to reach their full potential and discover latent talents, leading to greater independence. This shall be achieved through:

More opportunities to make informed choices and the environment to encourage speaking up and experience peer group leadership

Improving Transition by working with individuals to enable a smoother pathway into adult life and promoting life-long learning and the skills necessary to achieve appropriate employment opportunities

Helping to create and support mutual friendship between those with learning disabilities and others in the community

The organisation of leisure and recreational opportunities, building up networks of community links promoting real inclusion

Improving opportunities for respite and having fun.