First Hurst Green Scout Group

First Hurst Green Scout Group

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First Hurst Green Scout Group

Hurst Green Scouts started life in 1925 and, except for the church, must be the oldest organisation in the village. They moved into the current wooden hut in the 1930s and it wasn’t new then. It was probably an ex-army hut, maybe from the First World War. Over the years it has been extended and modified, but it has been apparent for some time that it needed replacing. This project has been actively pursued for the last couple of years. A serious arson attack in July 2005 rendering the building unusable, has added urgency to our efforts. The Group is meeting elsewhere at present.

The current strength of the Group is nearly 90 (plus waiting lists) with fifteen Leaders and other adults. This roll has been consistent for at least the past 6 years and enquiries of those who knew the Group 30 years ago established that the numbers were much the same then – though distributed differently among the units. From this it is apparent that hundreds must have passed through the Group over the 80 years of its life.

Some quote a figure of about seven years for the average involvement of a young person with the Scout movement. Whether their membership is long or short, we have a number of young people here who have benefited greatly from their time in Scouts and who, in their turn, are an asset to the community because of what they have learned and experienced. One of our Explorers has just become a Queen’s Scout. Given the values to which the Movement still strongly adheres, the need for Scouting has never been stronger than in our present society.

Founded 1925


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