Charity information


Yesu provide projects for all age groups with a special emphasis on the needs of young people, families, single parents, the unemployed, the elderly, people with disabilities, people with mental health issues and anyone facing crisis. We are based in Sheringam, but have expanded our work into Cromer and the surrounding areas. We come into contact with many people who face crisis and our purpose is to provide hope and support in situations that seem insurmountable for those involved.

Founded 2002

  • Mission statement

    ➢ Improve the quality of life for young people in the community, to feel valued and know that there is a place they can come to for help and support.
    ➢ Increase the availability of information, advice, services and facilities for people in the area identified. This would include drug awareness, pregnancy advice, debt advice, parenting etc.
    ➢ Ensuring the care and support given is properly coordinated as well as equitably and effectively delivered.
    ➢ Improve the level of life skills achieved through access to information and resources available within the community.
    ➢ Assist individuals in getting back to work, by providing volunteering opportunities to regain confidence and experience in a work environment.
    ➢ Provide a place of excellence which the community can appreciate and own – and act as a facility for the many people groups represented in the area such as the elderly, people with disabilities, homeless, young people, unemployed (both short and long term) etc. All of which we aim to accommodate at various times.
    ➢ Enhance support for families, in particular single parents.

  • Aims

    Yesu aims to:

    • • To improve the quality of life for people, which helps them feel valued and know there is somewhere they can come to for help and support.
    • • To build strong relationships and partnerships within the community.
    • • To provide a welcoming environment and place of excellence, that the community appreciate as their own.
    • • To increase the availability and accessibility of information and advice services.
    • • To develop people’s life and social skills.
  • Overview

    Established: February 2002

    Registered Charity Number: 1092968

    Board members: 4

    Full time staff: 1

    Part time staff: 3

    Volunteers: 50

    Phone number: 01263 511226

    Address: Yesu 15 High Street, Sheringham NR26 8JP

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