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Diversity Hub

Diversity Hub is a small charity with a big aim, we have been a charity for 25 years based in Leicester, we have trained thousands of people to make a difference.

Founded 2005

  • Mission statement


    Diversity Hub unlocks peoples’ potential to be leaders; tackling intolerance, prejudice and conflict by building bridges, changing lives and strengthening communities.


    Diversity Hub has a core set of skills and techniques. These exist with one purpose – to deliver the Mission. Diversity Hub’s objectives are to:-

    • Enable people to experience and see the positive and useful aspects of diversity
    • Reduce the level of conflict and violence in our society with a particular focus on; harassment, bullying and domestic violence
    • Increase the skills and confidence of young people and adults so they can take leadership and foster change
    • Create a positive relationship and outlook between adults and young people
    • Enable adults to work with young people as leaders
    • Encourage the development of greater emotional resilience
    • Enable parents/carers to support their children and young people in education and make a contribution to wider society
    • Support the development of communities by equipping people with leadership skills and a welcoming approach to diversity
    • Increase young peoples and adult involvement in civic society
    • Work with disadvantaged individuals and communities.

    Diversity Hub seeks to achieve its objectives in a manner consistent with its core values. These are based on these strong beliefs: we believe in

    • individual worth – everyone is valued
    • being welcoming to those who otherwise feel excluded from opportunities
    • personal change delivered through people working together in groups
    • the ability of people to bring about change in their communities by working together
    • personal transformation as part of the process of becoming a leader
    • everyone having a right to be heard.

  • Overview

    Established: November 2005

    Registered Charity Number: 1113100

    Phone number: 0116-222-9977

    Address: 73 Churchgate Leicester LE1 3AN

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