Hesketh Bank Christian Centre

Hesketh Bank Christian Centre

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Hesketh Bank Christian Centre

Our vision as a church is based around four aspects of friendship:

Friendship with God
We aim to help people to grow in the Christian faith, and to see our members equipped to serve God, finding their natural and spiritual gifts and being released into them.

Friendship with each other
We want to promote real relationships amongst our church family, so that we can all share our lives together, supporting one another through difficult times, and celebrating together in the good times

Friendship with the Church
We aim to build strong links with other local churches, so that we can encourage one another and work together in local outreach

Friendship towards the world
We want to share the Good News about Jesus, and God’s love for every person, throughout Hesketh Bank and Tarleton. We aim to communicate clearly in our meetings, and to make everyone welcome.

  • New Church Build

    We are currently nearing completino of a new build which will be used by both church and c... More