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Norfolk Rural Community Council

Norfolk RCC's vision is for "a socially inclusive Norfolk where communities are provided with the services they need to and empowered to improve their quality of life both directly and through engagement with others".

This vision requires the involvement of all of us to achieve it, which is why we strongly believe in partnership working. As part of that partnership our role in achieving this vision has three core components:

Community Support
To help communities all the way from identifying needs, to delivering solutions with friendly support and genuine expertise.

Rural Advocacy
To provide a voice to rural communities to ensure that decisions on services, policies and strategies do not discriminate against them and adequately serve and reflect their needs.

Developing Solutions
To research, consult and develop initiatives to identify needs and solve problems faced by our communities.


We have eight streams of work that we deliver to fulfil our role and meet the identified needs of our communities. They are;

Empowering local people to have a voice.
Sustainable communities and the environment.
Improving housing provision
Funding community activities.
Support for community halls and playing fields.
Access to services.
Support for community projects.
Economic development and enterprise.


We are constantly looking to enhance the services we offer. Through research and consultation we are able to develop further support in the following areas;

Environment – Community based behaviour change programme to support communities to adapt to climate change.
Green Infrastructure – Community based development, understanding and maximisation of community green infrastructure.
Economic – Long term business support to community, social, micro and small enterprises in rural areas that are often not reached by existing support mechanisms.
Transport – Support for community transport providers to develop and coordinate their activities.
Community Development – continue to examine and develop new ways to fund the generalist community development work prioritised by our client groups.

  • Website Rural Challenge

    Training and support for rural community web presence.
  • Rescources and Information

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  • Plugging the Leaky Bucket

    Support and advice to secure and sustain the local economy and communities.
  • Enterprising Solutions to Societies Challenges

    Tailored support and advice for social enterprises.
  • Services for All

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  • Ideas to reality

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  • Places for People

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  • Community Spirit Doctor

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