Charity information

Area 43

To provide a safe, informal, caring, non-discriminatory and non-judgmental environments where young people (aged 16-25) can socialise with their peers and access a range of quality help, information and support.

To enable them to develop self esteem and a positive approach to their lives and their place in society.

To address and combat the problems facing all young people with particular regard to homelessness, unemployment, substance/alcohol misuse, crime prevention and prejudice particularly for those who are socially, educationally, economically or geographically disadvantaged.

To forge links and represent the needs and aspirations of young people within the community.

To co-operate with and share good practice and experience with the agencies (both statutory and non-statutory) who provide services for young people.

Our aim is to support young people who may be:-

• In need of rehabilitation after serving custodial sentences.

• Those in danger of substance/alcohol abuse.

• Those not involved in any positive occupations, have little money and are at risk of or involved in, criminal, antisocial, self damaging and sometimes unhealthy behaviour.

• Those with no families or support, and without the vital references and role models to develop the skills to keep themselves safe and healthy.

• Those unable to identify and develop their own potential because of limited life experiences and remain underachievers

• Many are in receipt of income support or have no income at all and are either homeless or in very transient housing situations.

• Those who suffer discrimination because of poverty, race, nationality, gender, language, ability or criminal background.

• Those with mobility problems or disabilities that may not have access to these facilities elsewhere.