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If XLP is about anything it is about HOPE. It is about getting alongside young people living in our inner cities and helping them see alternatives to what can sometimes seem a hopeless situation. XLP has realised that to see significant change we cannot just offer knee-jerk reactions to some of London’s problems; we need to be committed for the long haul, which means investing in relationships with young people. That is why nearly every week of the year XLP youth workers are tackling issues of educational failure, poverty and deprivation, helping young people make wise lifestyle choices, supporting them to realise the amazing potential they have, and helping raise their self esteem. We believe we can see a marked difference in the communities we work in, and we’re committed to them by fighting poverty, supporting education and serving London’s young people week in-week out.

Founded 1996


    1-2-1 Role Model Mentoring for young people living in inner-London who are on the verge of... More