The Andrew Lees Trust

The Andrew Lees Trust

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The Andrew Lees Trust

The Andrew Lees Trust (ALT) aims to provide education and training opportunities in environmental and social development which empower local populations in the south of Madagascar to improve their food security, natural resource management, and general standards of living.

ALT projects are designed to benefit rural producers, women and children and provide sustainable solutions for the alleviation of poverty. ALT is also committed to building the capacity of local people to undertake the challenges of creating strategies and projects for development of the region, and to communicate these effectively.

Andrew Lees was the campaigns director of FOE when he went to Southern Madagascar in December 1994 to research a proposed ilmenite mine in the area. He died accidentally in one of the littoral forests whilst filming, and the Andrew Lees Trust was set up in his memory.

Andrew had worked closely with local communities in all his campaigns and he passionately believed in empowering people to find their own solutions - whether it be for environmental, social or personal development.

The main remit of the Andrew Lees Trust reflects that larger purpose and the example of Andrew’s inspirational work with local communities, focusing principally on social and environmental education for rural communities and capacity building for Malagasy development professionals.

Main target areas: Tulear and Fianarantsoa provinces, Southern Madagascar

Main Target beneficiaries: rural producers, women and children

Main development themes: poverty reduction, environment and natural resource management, food security, HIV awareness

Main Development action; rural communications (radio), non formal village education, agricultural training, social marketing, capacity building and training

Founded 1995

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