Charity information


Asist (Advocacy Services in Staffordshire) is a well established charity, based in Stoke-on-Trent and providing services throughout Staffordshire. Our projects provide independent advocates to support adults and young persons with learning or physical disability, sensory disabilities, and/or mental health issues, and also suppport young people who are in care or who are young carers themselves. In addition, we have a self advocacy project supporting persons with learning disability.

Advocates work with people who are disempowered to ensure that they are provided with accessible information they can understand, and supported to have their views, choices, and opinions heard and treated with respect, particularly where they are dealing with statutory service providers such as Councils and PCTs. Our mission is to make quality advocacy a right, not a privilege, so that disadvantaged people can deal with the world on equal terms.

Our daily business can encompass everything from supporting parents with learning disablity to keep their children, to helping people detained in secure mental health units to understand why they are detained and what they can do about it. While we enjoy and welcome funding from many sources, we particularly value donation income as this helps preserve our independence from state funding.