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The Lucy Faithfull Foundation

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The Lucy Faithfull Foundation

The Lucy Faithfull Foundation (LFF) works with sexual offenders to help prevent abuse by reducing their risk of offending, and also works with the victims of abuse.

Established in 1993, it draws on its cutting-edge knowledge of the treatment of child sex offenders in its broad range of activities, from assessment and treatment of known offenders, to a Stop it Now! Helpline which is available on a confidential basis to the public and professional alike.

The Stop It Now! Campaign aims to raise awareness of the issues via public education and the promotion of the helpline which encourages people to seek help either about their own behaviour or what to do where they have concerns about another individual.

The charity engages with offenders in particular and provides a unique set of services from risk assessments to courses aimed secifically at internet offenders. Support is also offered to help an offenders' partner gain an understanding of the issues plus ways to protect any children.

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