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National Student Drama Festival

“The National Student Drama Festival is a unique gathering point for those with a dash of theatre running through their veins. If you want to meet the future movers in the entertainment world, come to Scarborough. ” (Alan Cox, Actor, Festival Discussion Leader NSDF07)

Britain thrives on festivals. Brighton, Glastonbury, Latitude and the Edinburgh Festival itself are all incredible and exhilarating events of variety and ambitious scope. They are places where the world’s work comes, and where it is found and celebrated. The National Student Drama Festival embraces in embryo the aspirations of all these festivals.

NSDF is now in its 53rd year and each year the NSDF team see over 100 student shows from all across the UK and transfers the most exceptional to the festival in Scarborough. For one week a year we create our own theatre spaces and produce at least 5 performances a day. At NSDF07 we had 38 performances in six days, watched by over eight hundred students who came from all over the country to spend the week in Scarborough.

Between the shows we ran 120 workshops led by a host of industry specialists including: Nabil Shaban, founder of Graeae, who led workshops on political theatre; Indhu Rubasingham, Artistic Associate at the Young Vic, who ran workshops for young directors; Hull Truck, who ran a series of writer’s workshops that culminated in them commissioning one young writer; Nick Moran, star of Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, who gave a masterclass in acting and invited students to audition for his new film Telstar, The Lyric Hammersmith who presented workshops on physical theatre - the list goes on.

“It was at NSDF that I first saw what theatre could do and what it could be” (David Farr, Artistic Director, Lyric Hammersmith, Resident Company NSDF07)

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