The Sickle Cell Society

The Sickle Cell Society

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The Sickle Cell Society

The Society’s mission is to enable and assist individuals with a sickle cell disorder to realise their full economic and social potential. This is achieved by improving opportunities for sickle cell affected individuals and families by raising public awareness through education.

The Society provides advocacy, information, advice and counselling, financial assistance, practical support (respite care, home visits, hospital visits, befriending), holds talks, seminars and training programmes.

The main objectives of The Society are:

•To provide relief for persons with sickle cell disorders
•The relief of poverty among members of the immediate family of persons who are suffering from, or who, immediately before their death, suffered from sickle cell disorders
•The provision of recreational activities for affected individuals and their families
•The improvement of public information, assisting in research into the causes, treatment of the condition and dissemination of such information

Founded 1976

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